Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

The Electronics and Telecommunication engineering program encompasses areas such as Telecommunications, Data Networks, Signal Processing, Digital Systems, Embedded Systems, Microwave, Electronics, Optoelectronics, Solid-State Devices and a lot more.
Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering of Shivajirao S. Jondhle College of Engineering, Asangaon is one of its most vibrant departments which is always successful not only in academics but also in other activities with a support and great enthusiasm of qualified & dedicated staff members and students.
Department was established in year 2007 duly approved by AICTE with a intake of 60 students. In the year 2010, the Department intake increased to 120 students now in the year 2017 intake is 90 students

Department Year of Establishment Intake Duration


  • To make students academically excellent, self-motivated, creative and ethical engineering professionals for development of the society.


  • Provide the best environment to stakeholders for creating an ambience conducive for excellent education.
  • To create an academic environment of high quality through an outcome based interactive learning teaching model.
  • Provide ethical and value based education by promoting activities addressing the social & industrial needs especially for rural students, through co-curricular & extra-curricular activities

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s)

    Graduates will be able to

  • Apply fundamentals of electronics in various domains of analog and digital systems.

  • Build a model by applying profound knowledge in Communication, Signal Processing, Image Processing and VLSI along with programming & simulation tools for research and advancement.

  • Aanalyze and research appropriate technologies for implementation of the electronics and telecommunication engineering systems and exhibits the soft skills for the presentation of the systems.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Provide graduates with a strong foundation in mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals to enable them to deliver efficient solutions to challenging problems in Electronics, Tele-Communications and allied disciplines

  • To produce graduates who have ability to pursue advanced studies and research in telecommunication engineering and to contribute for meaningful linkage with the society.

  • To nurture students with professional attitude, effective communication skills, teamwork skills, multi-disciplinary approach in order to function in national, multinational organization as well as society.

  • To inculcate students to be aware with ethical, social and environmental issues while conducting their professional duties.

Prof. Madhuri Pramod Rodge (HOD)

Foreword: It is my immense pleasure to welcome to the department of electronics and communication engineering. which is one of its most vibrant departments at Shivajirao S. Jondhle College of Engineering & technology , Asangaon
Electronics and telecommunication engineering is a dynamic and wide area that provides excellent career opportunities in various sectors of the society. We are committed to give our students an environment where they develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through practical knowledge, students gain confidence and become skilled engineering professionals.
IETE Student Forum (ISF) is an association of students of this department. The sole purpose of the association is to bring out the hidden talents and develop overall personality of the students by organizing various technical activities.
It is my great privilege to be the head of the Department with Qualified, well motivated, dynamic and dedicated faculty members who are always prepared to guide the students

Sr No. Name Of Faculty Qualification Designation
01. Prof. Madhuri Pramod Rodge M.E. Associate Professor
02. Prof. Sanjay S. Kulkarni M.E. Associate Professor
03. Prof. Rahul Badhe M.E. Assistant Professor
04. Prof. Harsh Jondhle M.E. Assistant Professor
05. Prof. Anuprita Purushottam Gawande M.E. Assistant Professor
06. Prof. Monali Ashok Patil M.E. Assistant Professor
07. Prof. Ashish Bhaisare M.E. Assistant Professor
08. Prof. Atul Dhnyaneshwar Atalkar M.E. Assistant Professor
09. Prof. Vijay Gulabchand Gupta M.E. Assistant Professor
10. Prof. Swapnil Sudam Kharat M.E. Assistant Professor
11. Prof.Varsha Jondhle M.E. Assistant Professor
12. Prof. Udayraj Kautik Chaudhari M.E. Assistant Professor
13. Prof. Amruta Murkute M.E. Assistant Professor

Communication Labs

Electronics Circuit Labs

Simulation Software Labs

Microprocessor Labs

Antenna & Microwave Labs

Departmental Library

Faculty achivements 2019 - 2020

Prof. Ashish S. Bhaisare Assistant Professor in Electronics& Telecommunication Engg. Department published a book entitled “Digital Watermarking System for Video Authentication using FPGA”in LAMBART Academic Publishing Singapore in Jan 2019.

Faculty achivements 2019 - 2020

Our faculty Prof. Atul D. Atalkar assistant professor in Elecronics& Telecommunication Engg. Department awarded with the title ‘Young Researcher’for his work in research by International Association of Research and Developed Organization (IARDO),an organization in the field of academic research activities under the banner of India Educational Charitable Trust (Regd).on 5th November 2019. .

Faculty achivements 2019 - 2020

Our facultyProf. Ashish S. Bhaisare BhaisareAssistant Professor in Elecronics& Telecommunication Engg. Department awarded with the title ‘India Independence Awards-2019forBest Teacher of the Year’by International Association of Research and Developed Organization (IARDO) at The International Centre Goa, Dona Paula, Panjim, Goa (India)on 18th August 2019

Faculty achivements 2018 - 2019

Our faculty Prof. Ashish S. Bhaisare Assistant Professor from Electronics & Telecommunication Engg. Department published a book chapter “Entitled Strategies for creating effective learners in Classroom” in IOR International Press in May 2019

Students achivements 2018 - 2019

Our alumni Mr. Rohit Ubale from Electronics and TeleCommunication Engineering got selected as Traffic Inspector at Central Railway.

Faculty achivements 2016 - 2017

Our faculty Prof. Ashish S. Bhaisare BhaisareAssistant Professor in Elecronics& Telecommunication Engg. Departmentgot the award for Best Paper in International Conference on Global Trends in Signal Processing, Information Computing and Communication an IEEE springer conference, in Dec. 2016.

Students achivements 2014 - 2015

Miss. Varsha Khare

With a Sky-Rocketing success and achievement of gigantic magnitude,
secured 2nd Rank in B.E. (Electronics & Telecommunications) Examination 2013-14, in Mumbai University and 1st Rank in college

Mr. Pradeep Bisht, S.E. (EXTC)

with his dance flare grabbed success in intercollegiate Dance competition.
1st Prize – Sarswati COE, Bharti Vidyapeeth COE, Don Bosco COE, K. J. Somaiya COE, SIWS COE, D. J. Sanghavi COE.
2nd Prize – Thadomal Sahani COE, Shah & Anchor COE, Podar College.

Faculty achivements-15-16

Prof. Madhuri P. Rodge

Prof. Madhuri P. Rodge elected as executive council member of IETE Mumbai for the duration from 2015 to 2017.

Student´s achivements-15-16

Mr. Pratik Ghag(BE), Mr. Suraj Chimkar(BE), Mr. Ashish Yadav(BE), Mr. Atul Panmand(TE) of EXTC secured Second Prize at ARMIET College of Engineering in “Techfiesta-16” National Level Robo-Race event”.

Mr. Kamal Choudhary(BE), Mr. Sanket Bhike(BE) of EXTC won Second Prize in ROBO SOCCER, under Technical fest “Yukti”, at Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering, Koparkhairne.

“History Revisited” Publications

Our student Nishant Joshi(BE EXTC-A) Published “History Revisited” A Science Fiction Novel, with Leadstart Publications.

Faculty achivements -14-15

Prof. Madhuri P. Rodge

Prof. Madhuri P. Rodge awarded 2nd best IETE Students’ Forum Co-ordinator 2014-15 by IETE Mumbai.

Prof. Atul Atalkar

Prof. Atul Atalkar Worked as creator for the Book published by Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi

IETE Approved Workshop on 'IoT Using Arduino' on 25th and 26th Feb 2020

Released 'News EXTraCt' -Newsletter of academic Year 2018-19

STTP on Cyber Security And Laws 24th June to 29th June 2019

Workshop on Microchip Programming & Simulation 2nd and 3rd April 2019

Runanubandha 28th March 2019

FDP on Hands on Training on Interfacing of Various Applications 24th & 25th March 2019

Oscillation 2K19

Women's Day Workshop on Self Defence Techniques 8th March 2019

Bhasha Diwas,27th Feb 2019

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti,19th Feb 2019

FDP on Embedded System Design & IOT,09th& 10th Jan 2019

Runanubandha ,2018

Workshop on Python Programming,5th & 6th Sep 2018

Teachers’ Day,5th Sep. 2018

Seminar on Project Research Modelling,3rd Aug 2018

Departmental Magazine JUVENIS 2015-16(ENVISION) Release Ceremony

One week workshop on Embedded Systems

One week workshop on Instrumentation PLC, SCADA

Mobile Making Workshop

Tech Hunt-2015




Degree distribution Ceremony

Alumni Meet

International Yoga Day


One week Workshop on Software testing

One week Training under CEP for Faculty

Navratri Festival 2016

Women´s Day in Campus

Social Event On the occasion of Women´s Day

Friendship Day At Shree Saidham Vridhhashram Trust

IETE Students’ Forum (ISF) Inauguration Ceremony Feb-2014

Oscillation 2015

5 days workshop on PLC & SCADA 2014-15

Tech growth Competition 2014-15 Under ISF

Academic Year : 2018-19

Sr No. Date Name Speaker Name Designation No. of Students Present
1. 03-08-18 One day Seminar on Project Research Modelling Mr. Abhishek Mahajan, M.D. Protoelectronics , Mumbai 52
2. 25-8-2018, 01-09-2018 & 08/09/2018 Skill Development program on PC assembly and Troubleshooting Mr. Atul Atalkar, Assistant Prof. , SSJCET, Asangaon 13
3. 05-09-2018 To 06-09-2018 Two Days National Level workshop on Python Programming Mr. Akshay Dhone & Mr.Vignesh Shinde ,E-Cell IIT ,Bombay & Robokart.com 30
4. 02-04-2019 & 03-04-2019 IETE Approved 2 days workshop on Microchip Programming & Simulation Mr. Manohar Desai, Technical Cunsultant, Matspall Bombay Lifespace Developers, Mumbai 29

Academic Year : 2017-18

Sr No. Date Name Speaker Name Designation No. of Students Present
1. 3/14/2017 IETE sponsored Oscillation-2017 - 93
2. 7-9-17 to 8-9-17 IETE sponsored Workshop on PCB Design and Fabrication Mr. Abhishek Mahajan 59
3. 22-9-17 to 23-9-17 Workshop on Python Mr. Jagrat Maheshwari, R&D Engineer 26

Academic Year : 2016-17

Sr No. Date Name Speaker Name Designation No. of Students Present
1. 7-10-2016 to 8-10-2016 Workshop on Mobile Making Mr. Mukesh Choudhari, Project Engineer 35
2. 3/11/201 IETE sponsored Oscillation-2016 - 85

Academic Year : 2015-16

Sr No. Date Name Speaker Name Designation No. of Students Present
01. 31-8-15 to 4-9-15 IETE sponsored workshop on Embedded System Mr. Mahesh More, Software Trainer 84
02. 9-2-16 to 14-2-16 IETE sponsored workshop on PLC & SCADA, Instrumentation Mr. Ajit Dhamnkar and Mr. Rahul Mahalle 42
03. 14-3-16 to 19-3-16 Workshop on Software Testing Mr. Younis Poonawala 48
04. 9/23/201 TechHunt-2015 Video and Poster Competition - 48
05. 3/31/2015 IETE sponsored Oscillation-2015 - 65

Academic Year : 2014-15

Sr No. Date Name Speaker Name Designation No. of Students Present
01. 16-3-15 to 20-3-15 IETE sponsored workshop on PLC & SCADA, Instrumentation Mr. Ajit Dhamnkar and Mr. Rahul Mahalle 60
02. 9/16/2014 TechGrowth-2014 Poster Presentation Competition - 60

Academic Year : 2013-14

Sr No. Date Name Speaker Name Designation No. of Students Present
01. 5-10-13 to 6-10-13 Android Boot Camp Mr. Praveen Sharma 32
02. 11-2-14 to 12-2-14 ROBOTRYST-2014 Mrs. Shilpi Garg, Event Head 40

IETE Student's Forum (ISF)

IETE Student's Forum (ISF) is a students wing of IETE (Institute Of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering) SSJCET EXTC Department ISF student's chapter was inaugurated in the year Feb 2014.
Since inception ISF has done tremendous progress in our college by hosting and conducting events like technical workshops, technical competitions for the benefit of EXTC students.
SSJCET EXTC Department ISF students chapter has got a special honour to host a Mumbai city based IETE event Oscillations’ twice.
ISF chapter of our college has been awarded as Best chapter in the year. And our HOD Prof. Madhuri Rodge was rewarded for the same in Thadomal Engineering College, Bandra in the year 2014-15.

Following events were conducted by SSJCET ISF Chapter:

  • Technical Competition Tech Growth 2014-15

  • Technical Competition Tech Hunt 2015-16

  • Oscillations 2015-16

  • Oscillations 2016-17

  • One week workshop on EMBEDDED SYSTEMS in association with computech software limited, Nanded

  • One week workshop on Instrumentation, PLC, SCADA in association with PLUTUS systems and technologies,Pune 2015-16

  • One week workshop on Instrumentation, PLC, SCADA in association with PLUTUS systems and technologies,Pune 2016-17

  • Mobile Making Workshop 2017-18

Electronics & Telecommunication Student Association (ETSA)

ETSA is a platform provided by college management to our students to perform academic, cultural and social activities related to EXTC Department for overall benefit and grooming personality of our student.
Every year organizing committee of ETSA holds various events under this banner successfully.

Activities under ETSA:

  • Cultural event: Navratri festival

  • Social event: Women’s day

  • One week workshop on software testing in association with EDUART, Mumbai

Industrial Visit Siemens Limited, EMU Mumbai Project,Engineering and Commissioning Department 2019

Industrial Visits 2015-16